Terrance W Clark, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Intergative Reflexologist, Healing Touch Practitioner





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Our hands. Scientists tell us that the structure of our hands gave us the ability to become who we are. Not only are they able to hold tools but they do so much more. We shake them and hold them. We communicate with them - a gesture, a caress.

Theologians say our hands are the tools of the Creator, tools of compassion and healing that are connected directly to the heart. When we use any form of medical treatment, whether it be natural or allopathic, we are only placing the body in a receptive state for the healing ability to come through and restore harmony to the the body. Science and medicine can see that the body has the ability to heal itself, but still it is a mystery how healing happens. Perhaps it is because the Source of all healing is unseen.

It is becoming commonplace for people to seek out healing practices to help release the stress we hold in our bodies as a result of modern living; to help them come back to their selves; to be their best. From yoga to dance, massage to acupuncture, we are trying to find what works best for us. I think that is the key ingredient. All healing modalities work. Which one works best for you?

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Terry Clark, LMT